“The Selfie Committee”, 2018-2021, Cambridge UK. Collage of printed selfportraits, acrylics, phrases trouvées.

650e and the struggling artist will part with it.

“flower meadows”, 4/7 paintings displayed together in the Sainsbury Lab, Cambridge University 2020. Made in Norwich, UK, 2017. Acrylics on paper canvas.

Every painting is unique.

Every flower is unique as well.

Possible allegories include how its impossible to know what is in a lover’s soul. Minds are Turing complete after all, meaning they can be anything they want.

Care was given to depict possible biology of different spatial scales. Each painting focuses on different themes. This one has a bit of the biology patterning of Reaction Diffusion models.

“One life”, Athens Greece, 2010, Oil on balsa wood.